Tideline is a collaborative studio, gallery and future trademark run by Ryoko Sato (JP) and Jeroen Maes (BE).

Tideline refers to the sinuous mark of natural and artificial debris left after the ocean's high tide retreats. Every tidal cycle, elements are replaced and new compositions are created and revealed. Capturing these temporary still lives is the conceptual framework for Tideline's narrative and tangible output.

Tideline is where memories and fantasies are explored, a place where the underlying transience of our being is celebrated.

Sato and Maes have a common background in glass. Each has a very different approach in the process of making, combining glass with high-end materials or waste media. Tideline is the convergence of these two currents.

She _ He

Ryoko Sato


Born in Japan, childhood in Kenya and her youth in the USA, Japan and Europe, Ryoko Sato (1972) has been in search for a coherent self, with the knowledge that does not exist. Believing that you do not need to search far for inspiration, her work stems out of everyday experience. For Ryoko, every object and material has a story to tell. She pays attention to seemingly mundane objects and transforms them, into personal and sometimes confronting work.

Jeroen Maes

Glass designer, curator

Trained as a glass researcher, maker and restorer, Jeroen Maes (1977) was in 2007 among the founders of the progressive glass museum GlazenHuis in Lommel, Belgium. From his theoretical and practical knowledge of old and new glass, of concept and technique he has compiled 24 heterogeneous exhibitions confronting high-quality contemporary art and design with unique historical, decorative and utility glass as well as paintings jewelry, photography, video and performance. Today (2018) a new challenge has arrived. In a vivid environment Jeroen Maes will create and curate as Tideline.


Tideline Studio is a creative space for Tideline members and guests to reflect, to research, to explore and to create. Our focus is glass, which we challenge to pair with noble materials, found objects and recycled products. We learn and we share. We commission and get commissioned. We follow waves and create waves to achieve in integrated/conceptual designs or autonomous artwork.


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Turnhoutsebaan 1-3 _ 2100 Deurne-Antwerp (BE)
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